Creatively Unique Sushi

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Chefs Gary Peckham, with 18 years of experience behind the sushi bar, and Elsa Zamora, a native of the tropical paradise of the Eastern Visayas in the Philippines, team up to bring a stellar dining experience to the Treasure Coast. At Zen of Sushi, you can marvel at the creative prowess of Chef Gary as he combines flavors and concepts from East and West and melds them beautifully into the next level of sushi evolution, or sit back and let Chef Elsa guide your palette through the indigenous flavors of South-East Asia. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy all that we have to offer when you experience the Zen of Sushi!

Here at PSL’s new sushi spot, you can enjoy a Boba Tea with classic Filipino and Thai dishes, alongside innovative sushi and sashimi that combines citrus and herbs with delicate fish flavors, or groundbreakingly good cooked rolls like our addictive Volcano and the crispy, creamy goodness of the tempura fried roll that we call The Beast!

Tired of the one boring veggie roll at your local sushi bar? Check out the Vegan Rolls section on our sushi ticket, and learn what it feels like to eat with a chef who knows the deal!

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